McCulloch Chainsaw Reviews

McCulloch is a very popular brand name, offering riding mowers, tillers, trimmers, chainsaws and a number of other outdoor power tools. With both electric and gas-powered chainsaws, McCulloch has something for everyone. Before purchasing a new chainsaw, individuals should take the time to research. Things that should be considered include the information about the brand, price ranges, different models available and customer reviews from those who have used and have experience with the chainsaws. This will help consumers make the right choice for a new chainsaw.

About the Company

The company was started back in 1944, as a manufacturer of two-stroke gasoline engines. They created their first chainsaw in 1948, and in the 70’s the company narrowed their focus on outdoor power tools. Since March of 2008, McCulloch has been a part of the Husqvarna Company, growing their base in North America and becoming one of the top chainsaw brands. McCulloch offers a good selection of chainsaws, both gas and electric, designed to handle pretty much any job a customer could want.


Model Types

McCulloch offers a small but well rounded selection of both gas and electric chainsaws that are designed to handle both occasional and “around the home” use. There are chainsaws in this line that are perfect for every need a

Price Ranges

The price range of the McCulloch chain saws is very good and the chainsaws meet most needs, from under $100 to just above $200. The competitive pricing and high quality workmanship is one of the reasons that MCulloch has become such a household name when it comes to household-use chainsaws. These are great prices for durable machines.

Reviews of McCulloch Chainsaws

McCulloch chainsaws are thought of as the more affordable chainsaws on the market, and the overall feeling is that they’re a great value for the price. A large number of the customers say that these chainsaws have a lot of value for the price, and many have had their chainsaws for many years and are happy with the performance. They do warn that these McCulloch chainsaws are best for household chores and not professional use, so it’s important to keep that in mind before purchasing a McCulloch chainsaw.


Overall, the McCulloch chainsaws are a great value and are cheaper than most other chainsaw brands on the market. There is still a good range of chainsaws available for different needs, from more lightweight jobs to those that are a bit more difficult. These are a great option for those who want a good chainsaw to keep around the house for odd jobs and chores.